Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sweet Summertime

It's SUMMER!!!!!!!!!  Summer is and always has been my favorite season.  Yes, I may complain occasionally in late August when it is HOT down here in Texas, but I would take 100+ temperatures over cold, snowy days or dreary, rainy days any day! 

I guess I always loved summer because it has always been a time of relaxation and fun for me.  As a child we always spent the summer swimming, playing outside, going on family vacations to the beach, grilling, eating popsicles and just enjoying the company of loved ones.  We spent almost every 4th of July at Lake Tawakoni in east Texas and the boys and I always spent time at my grandparents in Lindale, TX.  Through college I took a few summer classes and worked waiting tables but any other free time I had was spent with friends at the pool, traveling with the band, going to see concerts and probably, ok definitely, drinking too much beer. Now that I am a teacher I can still enjoy the summer.  I usually spend the first part of summer trying to clear my head of the previous school year...teachers need a break in the summer and a chance to hit the reset button, if you didn't already know that!! By mid July, I'm usually ready to start planning for my next set of kiddos and getting re energized by thoughts of a new school year.  That doesn't mean I start working like a crazy person, but I do plan a little here and between the pool, lunch out, shopping, watching TV, playing and napping! 

I'm in week three of my summer vacation and my top priority this summer is Austin.  We are having too much fun and settling into a great summer schedule filled with play dates and pool time, eating and napping, watching Tayt play softball and cooking out.  Not having a set schedule and no real responsibilities right now is Heaven in my book and I'm enjoying every second.  I am living in a bathing suit, shorts and flip flops.  I rarely dry my hair in the summer so I have some out of control wavy beach hair...I need to look into some product that might help me tame it before I throw it up into a pony tail for the day.  I think I have worn make up twice in the last few weeks.  That might be my favorite thing right now! 

Tayt and I are going to the horse races at Lone Star Park Friday!  Wade Bowen and Kyle Park are playing after the races and I am super excited for a date night on a summer night with my hubby!  (I guess I will be putting on make up and real clothes on Friday!!)  HAPPY SUMMER to you all!!

Summer pics coming soon...

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