Thursday, March 29, 2012

"The Great Bottle Strike of 2012"

"The Great Bottle Strike of 2012" started Tuesday morning and lasted for 48 hours....the LONGEST 48 hours of our parenting days so far. With just a week and a half left before I return to work, Austin decided he didn't want to take a bottle anymore. He has been breast feeding with ease since birth and I started pumping when he was a few weeks old so Tayt could give him a bottle every now and then. He took a bottle the first time with no problem. We have been on two dates and he ate from a bottle both times. But, this week he was not having it, AT ALL. He would scream at the top of his lungs and push it out every time. I'm sure our neighbors were questioning what in the h*ll was going on in our house. Tayt and I were determined to get him to take the bottle as we both were freaking out with the date of me returning to work quickly approaching. The first day we gave in quickly and I fed him but not before many tears. I even went to Babies R Us to buy a couple new types of bottles and nipples after getting some suggestions from friends on Facebook. Everyone said that Tayt had to be the one to feed him because babies can smell their mother which makes them want to breast feed. Tayt and I both tried over and over and over again with no luck. Dr. N told us early Wednesday morning not to worry because babies would eat when they were hungry. Of course we thought he would starve himself or get dehydrated but Dr. N said that would not happen. There was a lot of frustration, everyone in the house was emotional and there were meltdowns from baby and mommy a few times throughout the day. Both nights he slept for 7 1/2 hours at night and we chalked that up to pure exhaustion. But then things changed....After sleeping for that long stretch on Wednesday night he woke up at 4:30am and took a bottle from Tayt with NO problem....really?? We were shocked, excited, proud and a little skeptical...Was the strike really over? Of course after sleeping so long he was ready to party after eating!! We all stayed up talking, smiling and playing until 5:45 and then baby was back asleep and so were we! He woke up again at 8:15am and we crossed our fingers and held our breath as he took another bottle from Daddy. I stayed out of the room and waited on Tayt to call out "success" each time before sighing a big sigh of relief. This continued throughout the day!!! I breast feed in the afternoon, evening and before bed. He is now sound asleep in his bed and we will see what tomorrow brings. But for now it looks like "The Great Bottle Strike of 2012" may be coming to an end! We are all smiles over here, until the next "change" throws these new parents for a loop! Live and learn!!
*Oh, and if you are wondering we got several suggestions for bottles to try and we went with the Tommee Tippee brand. In the words of a friend, and mommy of 4, "TT bottles are super booby like", which makes them best for switching back and forth from bottle to breast, which is what we wanted to do!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2 Months Old

Time sure is flying...Austin is 2 months old!
(Actually he is 9 1/2 weeks already...maybe at some point I'll be able to do the monthly update on time! In my defense we didn't go to the doctor until this week so I had to wait on his stats!)
We saw Dr. N this morning and here are Austin's stats for 2 months:

Weight: 12lbs 3oz (50-75%), Height: 23in (50-75%), Head: 15in (25%)

Physical Exam: Excellent, Mild (Right) Occipital Flattening
Development: Excellent
Austin had to get 2 shots, 1 in each leg and an oral vaccine. :( Poor baby boy did not like it one bit. I have never seen him cry like that. So sad for Mommy and Daddy. We gave him some infant Tylenol and he has been sleeping for almost 3 hours right now. I said he can have anything he wants today...which at this age means sleeping on me and eating whenever he wants. I wish he was older because I would totally have taken him for ice cream and probably to buy a new toy at Toys R Us. I'm a push-over when it comes to seeing my baby in pain.
In other (HAPPIER) news...our baby boy now SMILES, LAUGHS and "Talks to us"!!!!! It is the funniest thing to watch him smile. He looks at us now and follows things with his eyes. We could just sit and talk to him and make him laugh all day. It is so cool to see him look at us and give us the biggest, gummy smile! He is the happiest in the morning.
This month we have been able to get out a lot more. He likes to ride in the car and usually falls asleep pretty quickly in his car seat. Tayt and I went to a wedding the first week in March and my parents watched him for the first time. He was 6 weeks old and going through a bit of a growth spurt. He was eating a lot (cluster feeding) and pretty fussy for a few days. They survived and my mom even watched him again two weeks later so we could go have dinner and go bowling. It was nice to get out and know that Austin was in such good hands. Lovey and G are the BEST babysitters...never mind they are the only ones we will leave him with right now! ;) xoxo
Other things that happened this month...
Sarah and Susan came to visit from Houston, Baby Dedication at church, pictures in the bluebonnets, slept for 7-8 hours at a time (a few times), mostly sleeps for 4-5 hour stretches at night, had his first rash on his face and chest, lunch and shopping with Lauren and Paige, dinner out a few times, shopping with Mommy, first trip to Lowes with Daddy
We love you soooooooo much Austin! Now for some pictures....

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Texas Bluebonnets

I think it is a right of passage for all Texas kids to take pictures in the bluebonnets in the Spring! Here is my sweet family soaking up the beautiful Texas weather...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Favorite Stores

My friend Lauren and I spent the day at NorthPark Mall lunching and shopping!

I think Tayt was happy I didn't come home like this....

And I'm sure two girls at PF Chang's with two strollers and two 2 month olds didn't really look like these ladies....

But it was a FUN day!!!!!

Lauren's daughter is just days younger than Austin so we talked non-stop about all things baby, mommyhood, pregnancy, labor and delivery, etc. Anyone that is not at this stage in their life would have been bored stiff but we were in heaven!

Anyway, I found two new stores that quickly jumped to the top of my favorites list. I even came home and "liked" them both on Facebook and searched around on their websites. I can see some online shopping or a trip back in to the stores in my very near future (sorry Tayt)!! To say I am a little obsessed is an understatement.

#1 Peek...Aren't You Curious

The clothes are super cute and so NOT "baby". By "baby" I mean characters and pastel know, like this....

The clothes at Peek are much cooler! Here are some things that I have added to my wish list....

Baby Double Play TeeBaby Seals Stadium JerseyBaby Chatham Plaid ShirtBaby Washington JerseyBaby Boys Will Be Boys TeeBig Peanut JeanBaby Big Peanut Jean

The baby girl clothes are PRECIOUS too and here are some things I'm eyeing to buy for friends or store in the back of the closet for the future. (I can't believe I just admitted that out loud. Okay, okay I won't go that far but they are cute!!!)

Baby Floral Earth TeeBaby Scarpa SkirtLola BubbleBaby Harper Dress
Baby Ava DressSimple BloomerBaby Salma DressBaby Maya Skinny Jean

EKK...aren't you in love?!?!

#2 Lush Handmade Cosmetics

Here is the description of the company's beliefs from their website...

We believe in making effective products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.We invent our own products and fragrances. We make them fresh by hand using little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients, and tell you when they were made.We believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not commission tests on animals and in testing our products on humans.We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud.We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, filling the world with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again.We believe our products are good value, that we should make a profit and that the customer is always right. We also believe words like fresh and organic have honest meaning beyond marketing.
Are you hooked yet? Or at least intrigued??

I was hooked almost instantly when we walked in but I allowed the sales guy to test out the shower scrub and body lotion bars on my arms anyway! All I can say is you MUST at least go in and look around! I also bough some lip balm and lip scrub. Yep, I was an easy sale!!


Everyone needs a little retail therapy now and then!! THANKS FOR AN AWESOME DAY LAUREN! We must do it again soon!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Dedication

On Sunday (3/18/12) Austin was dedicated at our church, Hope Fellowship, along with 39 other babies. It was such a special day for Tayt and me as well as our family. We are pretty sure Austin had the largest cheering section with 22 family members there to celebrate with us. Pastor John spoke about our role as parents to teach and guide our son and our job in raising him with love, discipline and prayer. We were so lucky to find this church in our neighborhood and it quickly became a home for our small family.
(Austin slept through the entire service and pictures after.)
(four generations...mother and son w/ mother and son)
After church we went to dinner at La Hacienda Ranch! We literally passed Austin around the table so everyone could love on our boy! He was soooo good and awake and smiling!!
My prayers for my son....
I pray for our baby boy daily. I pray he will grow up to love Jesus. I pray he will be loving and kind and care about others. I pray he will be happy and get to experience as much as possible during his time here on Earth. I pray he will grow up to be whatever he wants to be and make a difference in this world, however large or small that may be.
I pray Tayt and I will show him the way to the Lord. I pray we will give him love and show him how to care for others. I pray we can show him what a strong marriage and friendship looks like. I pray we can give him all he desires and every opportunity possible. I pray we can watch him grow from a baby, to a child, to a teen, to an adult, to a husband and to a father. I pray that when he falls we will always be there to catch him and support him. I pray we will always be a family and be there for each other no matter what.
God Bless You Austin!! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!