Monday, May 28, 2012

Rice Cereal

At the 4 month appointment this week Dr. N gave us to the go ahead to start rice cereal for one meal a day.Saturday morning I made a trip to Babies R Us to buy the cereal, bowls and spoons. We were excited to try out the high chair for the first time too. (Side note: Tayt set the high chair up the day it arrived at our house (first week of December) and it has been sitting in the corner of the kitchen since then. My mom said we were crazy, but we were just so excited about the new addition to our kitchen!)  We are pretty sure he loved his first experience with "food".  He wanted to hold the spoon and wanted the spoon and his hands in his mouth while eating.

Here is the video of the first feeding and some pictures to document the experience.




Take 1

Take 2

Saturday, May 26, 2012

4 Months Old

The last month has been a big month for development!  As a teacher I am always looking for developmental milestones in kids and analyzing their progress and growth.  I do however, always keep in mind, that children all develop at different rates.  Some take longer than others and some skip or quickly pass milestones.  At parent/teacher conferences I always use a "race" analogy when talking about development with the parents.  "Everyone starts the race at the beginning of the year and some will just finish it faster than others and some will need a little extra support to get to the finish line."  Anyway, 8-9 year old development is much different from infant development.  Austin has started so many new things this month and we are simply in awe of how fast he is learning and growing.  In my "professional opinion" my son is winning the race! ;)

Here are the stats from his 4 month appointment with Dr. N this week...

Weight: 14lbs 9oz (50-75%), Height: 24.5in (50-75%), Head: 16in (25%)

Physical Exam: A+, Normal
Development: Excellent, Very Social :)  

This month Austin started sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!  One night in his own crib and the rest was history.  He usually eats between 8-8:30pm and is asleep between 8:30-9pm.  He will start to fuss and we just lay him down.  Usually we don't hear a peep out of him after that!!  He is waking up between 7-8:30am.  Most morning he wakes up on his own and talks and plays in his crib until we get him.  He is always soooo happy in the morning.

This month he also started rolling over.  He started by rolling from his back to his side as he tried to suck on his hand and then all the way over to his belly.  He now rolls all over the place and can go from back to belly and from belly to back with no problem.  He really enjoys his play mat and tummy time.  His head control is great! 

He is wearing 3-6 month clothes now and size 2 diapers.  He is eating anywhere from 25-40oz of formula mixed with breast milk.  He has lost his interest in breast feeding but I still "try" at the last feeding of the night and then I usually have to give him a bottle because he is just playing!  My milk supply is fading fast but I am determined to continue pumping as much as I can into the summer...we will see about that.

Austin love, love, loves his hands.  He sucks his thumb when he is tired but any other time he is trying to shove both hands into his mouth at the same time.  He grabs for toys, my hair, our clothes, our faces, blankets and animals.  It is so fun to watch him think about things and reach out to grab them.  You can tell his little brain is working! 

This month he spent a lot of one on one time with Daddy while Mommy was working, went on his first road trip to Arkansas to see Trent graduate, went to Lovey and G's house, took lots of walks around the neighborhood, went shopping a few times, visited with Aunt Tracy and Summer and hung out with his Pee Paw (Tayt's dad).

Austin we love you to pieces and are so proud of all the things you are learning and doing!  Each month is better than the last one and we are so honored to be your parents.  You make us smile and laugh and make our hearts overflow with LOVE!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

All A's

I have to take a minute to brag on my husband.  He just finished the Spring semester and made all A's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He even ended his hardest class, Microbiology, with a 101.3 average!! 

Seriously, he is one of the smartest men I know.  I am so proud of him for making this life change! 

He is SUPER DAD during the day right now as I finish the school year and doing an amazing job as a stay at home daddy, while also working so hard in school and excelling!  I love you Tayt!  Keep it up!

(Sorry Tayt, I know you are dying reading this but I'm a proud wife and couldn't resist the urge to brag! xoxo)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arkansas and Mother's Day

Last weekend Austin went on his first road trip!  Trent was graduating from The University of Arkansas and we were so excited to be there to watch him walk across the stage and celebrate "the baby" graduating from college.  It was also Mother's Day weekend so you can imagine how proud and trilled my mom was to be there as her third child graduated.  What a perfect weekend for her to have all her children together, including her son-in-law and grandson!  I think she was also celebrating the fact that she would no longer be paying college tuition after 11 years!  (Congratulations Mom and Dad, we all made it and couldn't have done it without you both.  We are beyond grateful for all you have done to support us for so many years!!)

With the first road trip approaching, I became more and more anxious about traveling with an almost 4 month old.  I planned days in advance for the things I would need to pack, washed all Austin's clothes and blankets, made a trip to Babies R Us, mapped out the trip in my head and what I thought it would be like each hour.  I packed overpacked a day early, laid out everything we needed and made a list to check off as things went in the car.  (Yes, I am my mother's daughter!) 

Grant came over after work on Friday and we left Frisco at 6:00pm.  We hit traffic in McKinney and stopped shortly after for dinner.  Austin fussed a little but overall he was happy and content.  Then we got back on the road and stopped about 8:30pm to feed Austin and get gas.  After that he was out and slept until we got there.  Success!!  The 4 1/2 hour trip ended up taking 6 hours and we arrived in Fayetteville about 12:30am. 

We woke up on Saturday, had breakfast and headed over to the graduation.  Austin did pretty well and only got fussy when he was ready for a nap and a bottle.  We were all so proud to hear "Trent Michael Bohne" announced and see our brother/son/uncle/brother-in-law/boyfriend walk across the stage and accept his diploma after earning a Business Degree in Marketing.  He beat us all and did it in only 4 years!!  (Woooo! Pig!  Sooie!!!)

After graduation we went to eat pizza and have a few beers.  Later that night we joined Trent's girlfriend Caroline and her parents for dinner at Ruth's Chris.  Caroline also graduated and plans to teach high school in the fall!!  We love Caroline and are so happy for her next step into the teaching world!  (Side note:  I give her major props for teaching high school.  I couldn't do it!!)  Dinner was delicious!  From dinner, Trent, Caroline, Tayt, Grant and I headed out to really celebrate!  We lived it up in Fayetteville and it definitely brought back fond memories of my college days at Tech. 

The next day was Sunday, Mother's Day.  We had breakfast together and then headed home to Texas.  I was spoiled by my boys and will be relaxing at the Stonebriar Spa very soon thanks to them! xoxo  It was a very surreal day that I am not sure has really sunk in for me....I was the mother on Mother's Day!  WOW!  I am beyond blessed to have grown up with the mom (and dad) that I have.  I only hope I can be for Austin, all they were for me.  They are BIG shoes to fill, my parents are the BEST!

The weekend was a memorable one that I will not soon forget.  I cherish the days I spend with my family and really cherish the ones when we are all together.  And one day when Austin is older we will tell him about his first road trip and talk about the many road trips Tayt and I use to take across Texas with the band.  For now, Austin has officially been to 3 out of 50 states (Texas/Oklahoma/Arkansas) and we hope to make it to many a few tropical beaches at some point! :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

From The Phone #1 (Bump Edition)

All of my "baby bump" pictures were on my phone!  Here they are...


12 weeks (night time-This was the time in my pregnancy when I had a belly at night but not during the day.)

15 weeks

17 weeks (Meet the Teacher Night at school)

20 weeks

21 weeks

23 weeks

25 weeks

30 weeks (3D sonogram day)

33 weeks

36 weeks (New Years Eve)

38 weeks (Last belly pic...I delivered 6 days later at 38 weeks and 6 days.)

Monday, May 7, 2012

"Smart" Phone

This summer I joined the rest of the world and finally got a "smart" phone!  Up until then I had an OLD Sprint flip phone that made everyone around me embarrassed to be seen with me and my phone.   But honestly it never bothered me much.  It worked, it was reliable and I could throw it across the parking lot and go pick it up and it would be as good as new.  (NO, I never actually tried that but you get the point, it was indestructible.)  I kept telling people that I would get a better phone when that one finally died.  Well it never did but we finally decided it was time to make the switch.  When we went into Sprint we both had hundreds of dollars in upgrades and could practically have any phone in the store for free.  I tried to get them to take my old phone to put in the Sprint Museum but they refused so I kept it!  One day soon it will be an artifact from cell phone history and someone will pay me big bucks for my working flip phone...hahahaha!  Anyway, since I have "crossed over to the dark side" I am slightly obsessed with my "smart" phone and constantly have it in my hand!  (No, I do not have an iPhone and I am good with that.  I'm not falling into the Apple monopoly just yet.)  My favorite thing about my phone is the camera...okay, I's the Facebook app but the camera is next!  I have soooo many pictures saved on there and just tonight I figured out how to sync my phone and my computer and save them!  See, I'm still learning.  So from now on I will do an occasional post with pictures from my phone.  The quality is not as good as my camera but I have captured some precious moments that I love.  Since I have so much to share right now, the pictures will come in a few different posts until I can catch up.  Soooo...stay tuned for a picture overload!! ;)  But for now I need sleep so I'll get back to this project tomorrow!