Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arkansas and Mother's Day

Last weekend Austin went on his first road trip!  Trent was graduating from The University of Arkansas and we were so excited to be there to watch him walk across the stage and celebrate "the baby" graduating from college.  It was also Mother's Day weekend so you can imagine how proud and trilled my mom was to be there as her third child graduated.  What a perfect weekend for her to have all her children together, including her son-in-law and grandson!  I think she was also celebrating the fact that she would no longer be paying college tuition after 11 years!  (Congratulations Mom and Dad, we all made it and couldn't have done it without you both.  We are beyond grateful for all you have done to support us for so many years!!)

With the first road trip approaching, I became more and more anxious about traveling with an almost 4 month old.  I planned days in advance for the things I would need to pack, washed all Austin's clothes and blankets, made a trip to Babies R Us, mapped out the trip in my head and what I thought it would be like each hour.  I packed overpacked a day early, laid out everything we needed and made a list to check off as things went in the car.  (Yes, I am my mother's daughter!) 

Grant came over after work on Friday and we left Frisco at 6:00pm.  We hit traffic in McKinney and stopped shortly after for dinner.  Austin fussed a little but overall he was happy and content.  Then we got back on the road and stopped about 8:30pm to feed Austin and get gas.  After that he was out and slept until we got there.  Success!!  The 4 1/2 hour trip ended up taking 6 hours and we arrived in Fayetteville about 12:30am. 

We woke up on Saturday, had breakfast and headed over to the graduation.  Austin did pretty well and only got fussy when he was ready for a nap and a bottle.  We were all so proud to hear "Trent Michael Bohne" announced and see our brother/son/uncle/brother-in-law/boyfriend walk across the stage and accept his diploma after earning a Business Degree in Marketing.  He beat us all and did it in only 4 years!!  (Woooo! Pig!  Sooie!!!)

After graduation we went to eat pizza and have a few beers.  Later that night we joined Trent's girlfriend Caroline and her parents for dinner at Ruth's Chris.  Caroline also graduated and plans to teach high school in the fall!!  We love Caroline and are so happy for her next step into the teaching world!  (Side note:  I give her major props for teaching high school.  I couldn't do it!!)  Dinner was delicious!  From dinner, Trent, Caroline, Tayt, Grant and I headed out to really celebrate!  We lived it up in Fayetteville and it definitely brought back fond memories of my college days at Tech. 

The next day was Sunday, Mother's Day.  We had breakfast together and then headed home to Texas.  I was spoiled by my boys and will be relaxing at the Stonebriar Spa very soon thanks to them! xoxo  It was a very surreal day that I am not sure has really sunk in for me....I was the mother on Mother's Day!  WOW!  I am beyond blessed to have grown up with the mom (and dad) that I have.  I only hope I can be for Austin, all they were for me.  They are BIG shoes to fill, my parents are the BEST!

The weekend was a memorable one that I will not soon forget.  I cherish the days I spend with my family and really cherish the ones when we are all together.  And one day when Austin is older we will tell him about his first road trip and talk about the many road trips Tayt and I use to take across Texas with the band.  For now, Austin has officially been to 3 out of 50 states (Texas/Oklahoma/Arkansas) and we hope to make it to many a few tropical beaches at some point! :)

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  1. What a proud moment for your parents!! Congrats Trent, Lynn, and Garry! And I'm so happy you enjoyed your first mother's day!! I've had four and it still feels weird. :) Austin is SOOO lucky to have you for his mama! <3