Monday, May 7, 2012

"Smart" Phone

This summer I joined the rest of the world and finally got a "smart" phone!  Up until then I had an OLD Sprint flip phone that made everyone around me embarrassed to be seen with me and my phone.   But honestly it never bothered me much.  It worked, it was reliable and I could throw it across the parking lot and go pick it up and it would be as good as new.  (NO, I never actually tried that but you get the point, it was indestructible.)  I kept telling people that I would get a better phone when that one finally died.  Well it never did but we finally decided it was time to make the switch.  When we went into Sprint we both had hundreds of dollars in upgrades and could practically have any phone in the store for free.  I tried to get them to take my old phone to put in the Sprint Museum but they refused so I kept it!  One day soon it will be an artifact from cell phone history and someone will pay me big bucks for my working flip phone...hahahaha!  Anyway, since I have "crossed over to the dark side" I am slightly obsessed with my "smart" phone and constantly have it in my hand!  (No, I do not have an iPhone and I am good with that.  I'm not falling into the Apple monopoly just yet.)  My favorite thing about my phone is the camera...okay, I's the Facebook app but the camera is next!  I have soooo many pictures saved on there and just tonight I figured out how to sync my phone and my computer and save them!  See, I'm still learning.  So from now on I will do an occasional post with pictures from my phone.  The quality is not as good as my camera but I have captured some precious moments that I love.  Since I have so much to share right now, the pictures will come in a few different posts until I can catch up.  Soooo...stay tuned for a picture overload!! ;)  But for now I need sleep so I'll get back to this project tomorrow! 

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