Friday, March 9, 2012

1 Month Old

(On February 22nd Austin turned 1 month! I better get this post out before he turns 2 months!)
Austin's Stats:
2 Weeks
Weight: 7lbs 11oz (25-50%), Height: 20.5in (75%), Head: 13.8 (25%)
Physical Exam: Normal
Development: Normal
1 Month
Weight: 9lbs 11oz (25%), Height: 21.3in(>50%), Head: 14.3 (50%)
Physical Exam: Normal, Mild (Right) Occipital Flattening
Development: Excellent

(2 days old)

(1 month)

What our boy is up to this month:

First of all it is hard to believe our baby boy is 1 month old. I can barely remember a time he was not a part of our family! He is the sweetest baby and his daddy and I are completely amazed by him every day. He loves to be held and loved on. If he could be held all day long, he would love that! He eats every 2-3 hours and occasionally more than that. The first month seems like a blur to, sleep, change diapers, eat, sleep, change diapers, etc, etc, etc!! He had so many visitors all month. He is definitely one spoiled baby and has so many people that love him. He is sleeping in a pack and play in our room. (I had every intention of starting him out in his crib until the morning we brought him home...NO WAY...that is too far away at night! Mind you, it is about 25 steps from our room, but with a newborn it seemed like miles!) He does NOT like a pacifier. We have tried several and he just screams and spits them out. I'm thinking this will turn out to be a good thing down the road. He LOVES music!!!! Turning on the music and dancing in the kitchen is the best way to calm him down. His favorite is Randy Rogers. (Tayt and I played a lot of music the whole time I was pregnant and I listened to the same Randy Rogers CD on my way to work every day for the last two months of pregnancy. I highly recommend this if you are pregnant.) Tanner is not so sure about him yet and I would definitely say he is jealous of his new "brother"....we hope this will change when Austin is a little older. We went on his first walk this month, to three doctor's appointments (4 days, 2 weeks, 1 month), to dinner at Jinbeh, to the hospital for another newborn screening, lunch at Baker Bros and to Lovey and G's house.
We love you so much Austin and can't wait to watch you grown each month!

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  1. Allison! Austin is already changing from his newborn pictures! I LOVED getting to read this update!!