Wednesday, August 8, 2012

4 Years!

Last Thursday, August 2nd, was our 4th wedding anniversary!  I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday as it was one of the greatest days of my life.  Like every little girl, I had dreamed about my wedding day my entire life.  Being the only girl in the family my mom and I worked together to plan the most magical day and I have to say we did a fabulous job.  Now 4 years later the "mental pictures" I took that day still linger in my head and it puts a smile on my face to picture Tayt's face as I walked down the isle to him.  That will be a moment that I will never forget as I remember that was the moment I almost lost it as my heart swelled with love for the man I would soon call my husband.  I was proud to stand before my family, friends and most importantly God and confess my love and loyalty to him. 

I will forever repeat those vows to you Tayt.  I couldn't image traveling through life without you by my side.  You asked with these words, "I love you.  I always have and I always will.  Will you marry me?"  And my answer will forever be YES!  Here's to many many more years Tayt Todd.  Thank you for making me Mrs. Todd!
(Here are a few random pictures I have.  Sadly, I don't have my professional pictures saved on a disk, they are just in an album.  But these capture the moment perfectly!!)

The morning after I said YES! 12/22/07

ceremony 8/2/08


You may kiss the bride!!

Mr. and Mrs. Todd

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