Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's the 22nd & Learning to Juggle

Today is August 22nd, which means Austin is 7 months old today!!!!  Which also means I am due for a 7 month post.  I have not started it and won't even start until this weekend.  I have been back at work for a week now and life is crazy busy!  I will do my best to blog as often as possible and I have a pretty good list of posts that I know I need to write but simply can't find the time or energy for right now.  If you are unfamiliar with the "teaching world", yes it is a world of its own, this is a CRAZY time of year.  I pretty much run on coffee and adrenaline from now until the end of October.  Things will slow down for a bit and then pick up again in the Spring a few months before testing begins.........WAIT, HOLD ON....I'm teaching 2nd grade this year which means NO STAAR test!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!  Haha!  I think that means that it will just push my next crazy season back a bit before we kick into high gear around the last quarter of the school year.  But this year I have also added a baby to the mix so we will see how it all plays out with that additional variable!  I will admit that I have been a mess more days than not when I've left for work the last couple days.  And I completely lost it last night when I got home from Meet The Teacher night and Austin was already asleep.  My days have just been very long this week, making my time with Austin very short.  :(  I hope I can learn to juggle better. 

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  1. Was waiting for an update!! Juggling work and baby time will get easier!! Hope you have a great school year!!