Friday, October 12, 2012

He's In!

Tayt was accepted to nursing school!!!!!!

I couldn't be more proud of my husband.  He has worked so hard this past year and truly deserves this opportunity.  It isn't easy to "start over" in your 30s but he did it and has been incredibly successful!  (Not everyone aces classes like Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Microbiology, Chemistry and much more.)  School will start in January and we are all breathing a big sigh of relief.  We honestly stalked our mail lady for over a week until she finally delivered the letter.  ;)
Way to go Tayt!  I can't wait for you to begin this journey.  I know you are going to rock nursing school!  I LOVE YOU!

P.S.-Tayt turned 31 on Tuesday, October 9th!  Happy Birthday my love. 
Here are some pictures of this awesome man of mine....

Garrett and Cynthia's wedding in the Bahamas! (May 2011)

Our Paradise

Sarah and Craig's wedding in Houston (September 2011)

Less than 24 hours before he became a Daddy!  We were burning down a dead tree in the backyard to pass the time! haha

About 6am...waiting for Austin! (January 22, 2012)

Daddy and Son

One of my favorite pictures of them!

Tayt and Garrett at Possum Kingdom Lake back in the day!!

Band Days (or Nights) at Adair's

Shots!!  (Cheers to you Tayt!!)

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