Monday, September 2, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Our family is "back in the saddle" again!  Tayt is back in nursing school, I'm back to teaching and Austin is at his new sitter during the day.  Last week was the first week and it was an overall good week!  Tayt made a 100% on 2 out of 3 tests he took.  (Yes, 3 tests in the first week!!  Welcome back, haha!)  I met my new class and can say after one week that I think I will have an easier year than last year.  My kids seem very sweet, ready to learn new things and excited about 2nd grade.  Austin had a good week with his new sitter and we are feeling confident that we found another perfect placement for him.  He is happy and enjoys playing with his new "friends".  So here's to continuing the semester like it has started out!

Mama and Austin on his first day of "school"!!! (with Rowdy too of course)

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