Friday, October 11, 2013

how i begin my day in october...

snooze the alarm clock at least once
shower and get myself ready, air drying my hair and always searching for an outfit
get austin ready, smile because he is easy in the mornings and super happy before 630am
make lunches that i forgot to make the night before
walk past the coffee pot because im too late to make any, ill get some at work
drive to mckinney in the dark with the music up, turn the music up louder if austin is not with me
drop off austin if tayt is not, kiss him, hand him to the sitter and pray they have a good day
thank God my baby is safe and happy at a place with a woman we trust
count the minutes until im back with him and tayt
marvel at the beautiful texas sky at 7am
get to work with a few minutes to spare or show up a few minutes late (usually late right now)
get coffee
begin my day.........

october is historically one of the busiest months of the school year. ask any teacher and you'll hear the same thing.........

so blogging is on the back--back--back burner right now...until then, God bless.

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