Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Coming Soon....

With five days left on my Christmas vacation, I am going to attempt to update my very neglected little blog.  I have been harassed by family and friends and feel somewhat guilty on my lack of blogging.  Yes, I am busy and yes there are other things that need to be done, but I know I also need to spend some serious screen time in the next few days in order to get back on track and not leave out any memories!  So, step one was a new template...what do you think??  Cute, right?!  Well, I think so. 

Anyway, enough blabbing about blogging.  I'll be back with a real post hopefully later tonight!  It's New Year's Eve and we are hunkered down at home tonight.  I'm too old for partying until midnight, spending too much money on an average meal and going out just to go out.  Instead we will cook at home, play with Austin's new Christmas toys, watch some TV and sip some red wine from the comfort of our cozy living room.  Happy New Year!!

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