Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's a....................

My sweet sister-in-law Sara asked us months ago if she could throw us a gender reveal party for baby #2.  At first I hesitated because I was worried I wouldn't want to look away from the screen during my anatomy sonogram and then I was worried I wouldn't be able to wait until a party for the big news!  Well she talked me into it and it worked out that I would have my sonogram late Monday afternoon, the sonographer would call Sara and tell her the gender and then the party would be later that night.  I decided I would resist the temptation to look at the screen and I gathered up all of my willpower to wait three hours for the answer!  Tayt didn't trust himself not to look for the "sex" at the sonogram and he decided not to come to the appointmen.  So I was all set to go alone.  I was excited and nervous and really was okay until I left work and headed to the appointment.  Then doubts flooded my head.  What if something was medically wrong with the baby and I was finding out alone?  (That was after all the reason for the sonogram, not really just to find out the sex.)  I called Tayt on the way and then called my mom.  They both told me not to worry and I quietly said a prayer to myself, took a deep breath and headed to the appointment.  Of course the baby looked perfect and has the same perfectly round profile picture as Austin did.  I even stopped the sonographer and made her take a picture of it because it looked so much like the one I had from Austin exactly three years and one day before.  She had a little trouble finding the gender at first because the baby was (and still is) sitting very low.  She checked twice and said with confidence that she knew what it was.  She then asked me what I thought...of course I said boy.  After the appointment she called Sara and I headed home to get ready for the party!

The party was PERFECTLY decorated!  Sara is amazing!!!!!!!  Every detail was simple and beautiful exactly like I wanted it. 

Sara had told Grant and Trent and they took the box and filled with balloons while Sara filled the cake with M&Ms.  No one else knew the gender.  When everyone arrived we opened the box to learn the surprise.  I'll let the pictures tell the story.....

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

I can honestly say that I have never been more shocked in my life.  I was 100% sure that I was having another boy and it took me several days to wrap my head around the fact that we are going to be adding a sweet baby girl to our family.  We feel so incredibly blessed and can't wait to meet her.

{Update:  For a month I was so paranoid the sonographer was wrong and that the baby was really a boy.  I would wake up at night thinking about it and wouldn't allow myself to start planning or shopping.  With Austin we had a perfect sonogram picture to prove it and I had seen "it" several times on the screen.  With this one I just had to take the sonographer's word for it.  Well, that doesn't sit well with a pregnant woman so this Monday when I went back for my next appointment, one month later, I told my doctor that I just HAD to have another sonogram so I could see for myself.  She laughed and told me the sonographer had never been wrong but wanted to make me happy so she sent me across the hall for a look.  Sure enough, clear as day, I saw a baby girl on the screen.  So yes, I was officially the crazy lady at the doctor this week but I feel much better and can finally begin to plan for a baby girl to join us in a few short months!!!!!!!!!!! EKKKKK!!}

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