Saturday, October 11, 2014

First Trip to the ER

At the beginning of September Austin had his first trip to the ER.  He fell off the couch and hit the edge of our round coffee table.  I watched the whole thing and as soon as I heard his cry, I knew he was really hurt.  He split his ear wide open and had to get three stitches.  He was pretty upset at first but calmed down on the ride to the hospital and even fell asleep in the car as we drove.  Once there he didn't cry again until they started to stitch him up and was fine again when they handed him a popsicle when it was all over.  I hope we don't have to make that trip again for a very long time.  The ear is healing beautifully and he will have a battle scar to show for it later in life.  All boys have scars like this right?!



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