Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random Ramblings

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Sometimes I just need to make a list of all the things running through my head...

*At any given time I have no idea what the date is or even the day of the week for that matter.
*I am thoroughly enjoying being home with my baby this summer...
*AND, I think I'm doing a great job as a stay at home mommy.
*I need a pedicure.
*I need to go to the grocery store.
*I should really clean the bathrooms this week.
*My husband is the greatest.
*I love our cozy home but I wish we could re-do the kitchen.
*I'm excited and nervous about teaching 2nd grade next year.
*How will I ever DO everything that I have pinned on Pinterest?
*I look at Facebook way too much.
*I need to start working out again.
*I should go to school and organize my new classroom.
*I will probably waste the afternoon while Austin sleeps by watching daytime tv.
*No, I don't feel guilty about just watching tv all afternoon.
*I need some sun this summer...but not on my post-baby belly...blah....again, I need to work out.
*I'm happy with my life.
*I love my family.
*I can't believe my baby will be 5 months old this week.
*God is good.
*I'm going to Pei Wei tonight with a friend and that makes me very excited!
*We need a date night.
*Why do I hear a baby in the monitor when he should be napping?
*Trying not to spend money is hard.
*I should look up some new recipes for dinner AND actually cook them!
*My blog layout needs a makeover.

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