Thursday, November 22, 2012

10 Months Old

Today, Thanksgiving Day, our little turkey turned 10 months!  He is by far our greatest blessing this year!  We thank God for him every day!

Things are getting a little wild over here since our boy is more mobile.  Check out what's happening this month....

*first cold/cough-lasted 10 days/sleep was off/a lot of snot/called dr at day 8 and they told us to just ride it out
*first cut-right next to his left eye/cut it on a pot he pulled out of the kitchen cabinet and was playing with
*first busted lip-It bled for 1/2 the day and made Mommy nutty worrying it was worse than it really was.  Thankfully Daddy calms us all down!  Busted it while standing up holding on to the table in the living room.
*Top 2 teeth in now.  That makes 4 total.
*Standing up and letting go with one hand but not interested in trying to stand by himself.  He is totally content crawling super fast and cruising around the furniture.
*Baby proofed the house (plugs and locks on all cabinets)...again, thanks Daddy!
*We are hearing a few "mama's" in the mix now but mostly just when he is fussy.
*LOVES bath time.  He knows that when he finishes dinner we go right to the bath.  He starts to smile and bounce as I carry him back to the bathroom!  He is now laying down in the tub and splashing around with his arms and legs.  He loves to have the water running and sits right next to it and puts his hands and his rubber ducky in the running water.
*Likes sleeping with his bunny Wilson and blankets!
*Claps a lot, especially when we cheer, "Yay!" and clap too and almost always when music is on.  Again, he is has great rhythm!
*Waves occasionally.  Mostly just at Daddy!
*Loves riding in the cart when we are shopping!
*Favorite foods this month: #1 CRACKERS, #2 pancakes with berries

Country Boy!

This picture is to remind me not to buy a ton of toys for Christmas.  He is happy playing in the kitchen!

Pancakes with berries!

Top Teeth!!

Moving from the chair to the table...TROUBLE!

Watching Daddy put up Christmas lights!

Hi Sweet Angel playing outside!....5 seconds later he tried to eat that leaf, then cried when I pulled it out of his mouth!

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