Friday, November 9, 2012

Tales of an Elementary School Teacher

Today was an "interesting" day at school.  One of those days that makes you say, "really, did she/he really just say/do that".  Not to say that most of my days aren't like that, this year especially, but today was unusually odd.  My kids were off from the get go.  They were talkative, more so than usual and just silly.  Which makes me think that I need to go outside and check the's probably full.  And the weather is about to change on Sunday so that could be it too.  If you didn't know it already, it's not just animals that get wacky when the weather changes, it's small children too. 

Anyway, back to my day...

One of my students was absent yesterday and when I saw her this morning I asked her where she was.  She told me that she had been to the doctor to check to see what kind of allergies she had.  I asked her what the doctor found and I KID YOU NOT, this is what she told me..."I am allergic to trees and grass" (okay, that is normal) and then without a breath she said, "and Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday."  Ummmmmm...WHAT?  I calmly said, "you are allergic to the days of the week?"  And her response was, "and Spring, Summer and Fall too.  But NOT Winter."  She said the last part with a big sigh of relief.  Alrighty then.  Go do your morning work!  And the best part of this story is that she was TOTALLY SERIOUS!!  For some reason she comprehended that she is allergic to a few days of the week and most of the seasons.  

Later that morning another student asked me what time lunch was.  Mind you we have been in school for 11 weeks now and have been going to lunch at the same time every day since school started.  I asked him if we go to lunch at the same time every day or if we go to lunch at different times on different days.  (Sarcastic I know, but I couldn't help myself.)  He told me that he thought we went at different times and then proceeded to guess the time...10:30? 12:00?  (Our lunch time is 11:45am.)  I told him to go check the schedule that was posted in our room or ask a friend.  He turned and asked another 2nd grade teacher that was standing in the hall near us.  "Do we go to lunch at the same time every day or different times?"  (He had forgotten his original question and was now fixated on finding out if our lunch time changed each day.)  The other teacher told him that it was the same time each day.  He proudly marched back over to me and announced that our lunch time was at the same time every day.  "Well, thank you for letting me know!"  And off he skipped, happy as a clam.

I watched another student run smack into a small, newly planted baby tree at recess.  She didn't see it, she said.  You didn't see the newly planted tree, with bark circled around it and a brightly colored flag tied to it???  Nevermind, go play.

Someone wrote me an "I love my teacher!" note and another student offered to give me a bite of her half eaten Cheeto.

So, YES I am drinking red wine tonight and giggling to myself about my crazy day.  Don't you wish you spent your days with seven year olds???  Beats working in a cubicle in my opinion.

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