Monday, August 12, 2013

18 Months

I'm not going to do a full update but I want to record the stats from Austin's 18 month appointment and post the picture of him with "Big Blue" the birthday bear! 

Weight: 22 lbs 15 oz (33%), Height: 32 1/2 in (54%), Head: 18.3in (25%)
Physical Exam: Great
Development: A+

His physical and cognitive development are constantly changing at this point so if I were to post about something it would change the next week.  He is active, vocal, sweet, rambunctious, always on the go, sleeping good, getting more teeth and learning new things every day!  I'm sad summer is almost over because I have loved helping him explore, develop and learn these last few months.  I did finally get his hair cut this month and it looks much better.  It was hard to part with the sweet baby curls but they were a little out of control and it was time.  (I'll post those pictures when I download them to the computer!) 

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