Monday, August 12, 2013

Hope Park

I've blogged about our favorite park before and you can read about it here, but recently the playground got a pretty cool make over.  The city, along with many businesses, volunteers and sponsors, created a playground called Hope Park.  Here is the description from the website...

     "Imagine a playground built to suit the needs of all children, at any age, with a focused consideration for children with special needs – an inclusive play adventure that brings children together and helps them build self-confidence, make friends and play as equals.  Hope Park’s design will be interactive, evoking a sensory play experience that engages children at many developmental levels." 

You can click on the website to learn even more, but in my opinion it is pretty cool and after our first visit a few months ago, the whole family agrees that this addition only makes our favorite park even better!  There are swings, slides, tunnels, stairs, ramps, storefronts of places in the city, cute signs and quotes, musical instruments, games, hidden objects to find and much more.  The original wooden playground is all still there and still very fun, but this new part was perfect for our toddler that loves to explore, climb and touch but who falls often and likes to eat the wood chips on the older side.  Hope Park is divided into two sides, one for younger kids and one for older kids.  My pictures are mostly from the younger side and hopefully soon we will go back and take some of the other side as well.  (It is HOT in Texas right now so the playground has not been on our to do list.) 

The city also updated the splash pad at the park and it is currently the only splash pad turned on in our city.  The night we went it was CROWDED and Tayt and I made a rookie parenting mistake by letting Austin play in it.  He loved it but there were kids running everywhere and he got knocked down twice.  The second time he was knocked clear off his feet by a big boy that was running full speed.  He hit his head hard and was DONE after that and so were we.  We'll give that another shot when he is a little older.

Anyway, I would highly recommend this playground and park but I would suggest you wait until it cools down some because plastic slides in the Texas heat are no fun for anyone.  See you in the fall!!

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