Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3 Months Old

Three months ago our lives were changed forever.  Three months ago our hearts doubled in size.  Three months ago our family grew.  Three months ago was the happiest day of our lives!  Austin is 3 months old!!!!

There is not a doctor's appointment this month, we have to wait until next month, so there are no stats to report this month.  We think he is weighing somewhere between 12 and 14 pounds right now. 

Here are some things our little love is up to this month....

*He LOVES to suck on his hand/fist/thumb.  I think it is safe to say he is going to be a thumb sucker and he is working hard to get that down!  Since he hates the paci so much, we are glad he is finding something that will help him sooth himself.  And, yes we are already saving for braces! ;)

*He is getting on more of a schedule this month.  Since Daddy is home during the day and I am home at night we are both trying to find what works best for our boy.  Here is a snapshot of what MOST days look like right now.  (I'm pretty sure that as I am typing this, he is planning how to change things up on us...because that's just what babies do!!)
7-8am: Wake up/eat (bottle)
Play for a while, go on a walk, smile, giggle, coo....
9-10am: Morning Nap (about 3 hours)
Eat (bottle), play, etc....
12-2pm: Afternoon Nap (2-3 hours)
Eat (bottle), play, etc....
5-6pm: Evening Nap (short, only about 30 minutes to an hour)
Eat (bottle), play, etc...
8:00pm:  Get ready for bed (bath time, pjs, books)
8:30ish: Eat (BF with Mommy)
9-9:30pm: Bed Time (for Mommy too!)
2-4am:  Eat (BF with Mommy)
start all over again.....
(sleeping so hard)
(music time!)
(Play time with Tanner!)

*He is smiling all the time!!!!  He recognizes Mommy and Daddy and when we talk to him he will smile and coo and try to laugh!  He is becoming much more vocal and it is so cute!  He watches our mouths move and tries to copy us.

(At times he cries but Mommy and Daddy think he is still the cutest thing ever!) ;)

*He is still wearing 0-3 month clothes for the most part.  Some of the onesies are getting small so he has worn a few 3-6 month onesies.  However, he can't wear any 3-6 shorts/pants.  His waist is too small and some of the 0-3 pants still slide off of him.  And, he is still in size 1 diapers.
*He made his first trip to school this month!  Tayt brought him at the end of the school day to meet my class!  The kids loved looking at him and he was wide eyed and just looking all around at them.  Then I took him to a staff meeting/bridal shower and he was passed around the room so all the teachers could love on him!
*We have mastered the bottle now...YAY!!!  He is drinking about 5 ounces at a time each feeding.  He takes the bottle all day and then I BF at night before he goes to bed and at the one feeding in the middle of the night.  I pump in the morning, at school once and when I get home so he still getting all breast milk.
Happy 3 Months Austin!  We love you and just can't get enough of you!  Thanks for making our family so perfect!!!

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