Friday, April 13, 2012

Baseball, Crawfish, Easter and Back to Work

The title of this blog is proof that we had a busy weekend.  And proof that I am officially off maternity leave and back to work this week, which is why I am cramming 4 posts in to one.  I don't want to let these events go undocumented and if I don't do it all at once right now while Austin is sleeping, it may not get done.
Friday was Opening Day for the Rangers!  We are so excited baseball season is starting again!  Just in case you have been living under a rock for the past few years (or don't follow baseball, shame on you) the Texas Rangers have been to the World Series two years in a row.  We have been to almost every game to cheer on our team all thanks to my amazing dad who hooks us up with awesome seats to enjoy the show!  Being at the playoff games, especially the World Series, is such an amazing experience.  The vibe in the stadium is simply electric.  The stands are FULL of fans dressed from head to toe in red, white and blue and everyone comes early and stays late.  Unfortunately we have yet to win the title of champs but we are hopeful that 2012 will be our year!  So, on Friday Tayt, Grant, Sara, Trent, Caroline and I headed out the ballpark to start the season with a bang!  We tailgated and "celebrated" the start to the season in style and maybe our presence was good luck because the Rangers took home a WIN!  We had a lot of fun and I can see this group of 6 attending many more games this season together.

Saturday we went to a Crawfish boil at BW and Melissa's house out in Melissa.  The food and company was great!  I think Austin enjoyed his first boil hanging out with Lovey, G, Grant, Sara, Trent, Caroline, The Morgan Fam, Brian and Melissa! ;)

Sunday was Austin's first Easter!  We went to church with my parents, Grant and Trent at Christ Church.  Austin didn't feel like sleeping through church and wanted to "talk" during the sermon so Tayt and I took turns with him out in the narthex.  After church we headed to my parents for a delicious lunch.  Our little guy got a new Easter basket with his name on it from his PeePaw and Dee,  Mommy and Daddy got him two Easter books and a blue hippo and Lovey and G got him his first Easter bunny (Wilson).  We all enjoyed spending the day together.

Back to Work:
Monday was my first day back at work.  I will admit that I was kind of a mess Sunday afternoon and evening.  Just thinking about not spending all day with my baby made me tear up.  Knowing he was going to be spending his days with Daddy did make things easier but I was still feeling sad.  I made it to work Monday morning with just a few tears and was able to dry my eyes as I entered the school just in time to be greeted by so many smiling faces!  It was great to see my team and my coworkers and everyone was so sweet to me and many were sympathetic to my "situation" as most of them have "been there before"!  But, as soon as I saw my students I quickly remembered why I do what I do every day....They were THRILLED to see me and have me back!!  I felt like a rock star all day as they hugged on me over and over, told me how happy they were and asked about Austin!  They made it all worth it!  The day went fast and right at 3:30pm I raced out the door and back home to my boys.  Austin and Daddy had a great day with lots of naps, good feedings and smiles.  I am beyond blessed to have the husband I have.  I have had several people tell me that their husband would never stay home like that.  Really?!?!  Tayt is the best Daddy to Austin and such an amazing husband to me.  We are convinced that God has a plan for our family and our path has been laid by Him.  For now we are grateful that Tayt's school schedule worked out the way it did this semester and we will will take the coming semesters as they come.  We will leave God in control and just work as a team day by day to do the best we can to take care of our baby.

And, it sounds like Austin is waking up from an afternoon nap which means its time for me to go snuggle with him for the rest of the evening!  Goodnight!

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