Sunday, July 22, 2012

6 Months Old

I have been a mommy for a half a!  Austin is 6 months old and we are loving every minute of it.  This is such a fun age.  Friday Austin had his 6 month check up with Dr. N and we got another great report!  Here are his stats...
Weight: 16lbs 10oz (50%), Height: 26in (50%), Head: 16.3in (10%)

Physical Exam: A+, Normal
Development: Excellent, Very Social :)

Our little man is BUSY BUSY BUSY this month and learning so much.  Here is a list of all the fun things he is getting into.
1.  Getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth.  He is trying hard to crawl but hasn't quite figured it out yet.  At first I was encouraging him and then I came to me senses and I am fine with him staying put for a little bit longer, because I know when he starts crawling our house will be turned upside down!
2.  Sitting!  He is sitting on his own now and we think it is precious.  He still wobbles and falls but his strength and balance are getting better each day.
3.  Trying to go from being on all fours to sitting.  He will lean to one side and get up on the one arm but can't push all his 16lbs 10oz up into the sitting position.
4.  Reaching and grabbing everything.  Everything still goes in his mouth!
5.  He loves to grab his feet and put them in his mouth.
6.  He found his ears and pulls on them and rubs them, especially when he is drinking his bottle.
7.  This may be TMI but he also found his "pee-pee" during bath time.  hehe!
8.  He is drinking five 5-6oz bottles per day.
9.  Eating solids!  Twice a day he eats rice cereal and a fruit or vegetable.  We have tried bananas, peaches, applesauce and green beans so far.  Peaches are the favorite!
10.  Sleeping 12 hours a night! YAY!!  From 7-8pm to 7-8am!
11.  Two naps a day.  Morning nap (about 1 hour) Afternoon nap (2-3 hours)
12.  No teeth yet but he constantly has things in his mouth and drools a lot.
13.  Such a happy baby.  He laughs and smiles and babbles all day.  He started "yelling/screeching" this month.  He doesn't do it because he is upset but simply to hear himself we think.
14.  Recognizes his name!
15.  Recognizes mommy and daddy and familiar faces.  He is not too sure about strangers or people he doesn't see often.  He will stick out that bottom lip and makes such a sad face.  It doesn't take him long to warm up and start showing off though.
16.  Loves dogs.  He watches Tanner and laughs at him a lot.  Stella has been here for a week while my parents are on vacation and I'm pretty sure she has licked him a thousand times and he just laughs at her and grabs her fur.  They are friends!!
17.  Loves bath time and swimming in the pool.
18.  His favorite thing to do is jump in his jumper!  It is so funny to watch.  (Videos coming soon!)
19.  He watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Baby Einstein (Yep, I'm one of those moms who lets my child watch TV.)  Mickey is his favorite and he gets so excited to do "The Hot Dog Dance" at the end.  (Again, videos coming soon!)
20. Still a thumb sucker. Since I have 15+ pacifiers I give them to him to play with and he chews on them but does not want to suck on one.

Now for the good stuff!  Here are some pictures from the month....
Trying a lot of new foods this month.

Daddy's teaching him to LOVE guitar.

His very own pool!

We have a sitter!  And yes, that is a paci but he does not suck on it, he just plays with it! ;)

Funny faces at dinner!

Happy Baby

He loves books!  This makes Mommy happy!

Sweet snuggle time before bed!

I just couldn't put him down this night!

The doctor said he could try the sippy cup.

Ummm... not too sure about this thing.

Watching cartoons before bed...See the sleepy eyes.

Sleepy Baby

Happy 6 Months Austin!  You are loved more and more every day!

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